About Show & Host

What is Masc(ulinity) Off?

MASC Off is a podcast where men take off the masks of masculinity to openly discuss and share experiences on relationships, health & wellness, success, failure, current events and other topics we think men need and want to hear about.

Why MascOff?

It’s good for men to hear other men say, ‘I experienced that too.’ Men need the validation, affirmation and support of other men. This happens best when we share our stories and experiences.

Creator & Host

I grew up in Rowland, NC and currently lives in Raleigh, NC. I studied English & Technical Writing and now work in Information Technology at a state university. 

My greatest joy is mentoring other men, which has lead to the creation of this podcast.. I clumsily and courageously discovered that being vulnerable is what has helped the mean I all my little brothers and everyone I am connected with.

Why the briefs in the cover art?

Some think wearing briefs is not masculine or too exposing. Cool dues don’t wear briefs especially not tighty-whities. Since this is the case, I decided briefs are the perfect visual this podcast.